Buying lotto tickets online with OzLotteries – Pros and cons

If you’ve taken to the Internet to purchase your Australian lottery tickets, you may be familiar with, a new online lotto service that’s allows users to purchase tickets to Australian lotteries over the Internet. But is Oz Lotteries worth using? We explain more about this Australian online lottery service and the pros and cons of buying lotto tickets with OzLotteries.

What is Oz Lotteries?

Oz is an online distributor of Australian lottery tickets, allowing users to purchase lotto tickets to Australia’s favourite lotto games and charity lotteries online. Tickets are available for OzLotto, Powerball, The Pools, Saturday X-Lotto, Monday X-Lotto and Wednesday X-Lotto, as well as charity lotteries like Surf Life Saving, Act for Kids, the Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation and the Endeavour Foundation Home Lottery.

The company is based in Queensland and is a fully accredited retailer of Australian lottery tickets. To date, over two million customers have purchased lotto tickets online via the OzLotteries website and mobile app. Oz Lotteries company mission is to “provide customers with the most convenient and enjoyable lottery purchasing experience.”

Pros of buying lotto tickets online with OzLottieries

If you’re considering purchasing tickets from but not sure if this is the right choice, keep these benefits in mind:

  • Convenience – Buy tickets to your favourite Aussie lotteries from the comfort of home, while enjoying added features like saving your lucky lotto numbers, viewing previous lotto numbers, accessing lotto statistics and using the AutoPlay ticket purchasing option.
  • Free registration – OzLotteries is free to join.
  • Mobile purchasing – OzLotteries has a free downloadable app available for both iOS and Android, so you can buy lotto tickets anytime, anywhere using your smartphone or tablet.
  • International availability – OzLotteries allows players from outside of Australia to buy tickets to Australian lotteries, so if you’re an Aussie currently located overseas you can still participate in your favourite lotto draws (note: additional prices apply for international purchases)
  • Security – Oz Lotteries provides a safe and secure site to make lotto ticket purchases, with all transactions protected by digital SSL (secure socket layer) encryption.
  • Responsible gambling – fully supports responsible gambling practices and offers a self-exclusion program if you think you’re lottery playing is getting out of hand.
  • Payment options – Lotto tickets can be purchased via OzLotteries using a range of secure deposit methods, including credit card, debit card, direct bank deposit and PayPal.

Cons of buying lotto tickets online with OzLottieries

With so many benefits, there are some disadvantages to buying lotto tickets with OzLotteries:

  • Pricing – Buying lotto tickets from OzLotteries is more expensive than buying tickets through traditional retailers like newsagencies. This is due to the extra costs associated with providing a secure Internet based system.
  • Identification – You need to provide ID to Oz Lotteries to prove you are at least 18 years old, and while that’s totally fine and standard practice, some may be put off by the extra effort required to complete the online ID verification form and send through the required identification documents.
  • Withdrawal limits – International players are subject to a minimum withdrawal transfer of $100. The website does not state whether there are minimum withdrawal limits for Aussie players.

If you think the pros outweigh the cons, head to to start enjoying the convenience of purchasing Australian online lotto tickets from the comfort of home.

Is OzLotteries a scam?

Despite what some nay-sayers may believe, is not a scam. Oz Lotteries runs under strict government supervision and is fully accredited by Tatts Group, NSW Lotteries and SA Lotteries to provide online retail services. OzLotteries is also officially accredited to sell lotto tickets for Surf Life Saving Lotteries, Endeavour Prize Home Lottery, Act For Kids Platinum Class Lottery, and Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation Art Union. The company is owned and operated by Jumbo Interactive Ltd, an ASX listed company.

If you believe all forms of the lottery to be a scam, then sure, Oz Lotteries is a scam in that same sense. But as an official lottery ticket provider and licensed online business, OzLotteries is one hundred per cent legitimate and provides a safe and secure way to purchase tickets to some of Australia’s most popular lottery draws.

Some members of consumer forums have mentioned they believe OzLotteries is misleading because the name is so close to OzLotto, so people don’t realise they are purchasing tickets away from the official OzLotto retailers. That does not make OzLotteries a scam – this is a legal, legitimate business providing online lottery services to Australian customers.

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