Victorian Lotto

Victoria is considered to be the lucky state after it won the most Tattslotto winners two years in a row. Naturally, we want a chance to be one of the lucky winners, so we take a look at what Victorian lotteries are on offer and where we should buy our tickets.

About Victorian Lotto

Lotteries in Victoria are overseen by the Tatts Group, which is the organisation responsible for lotteries in Australia, NZ and even the UK.

The company owns lotteries in every state and territory of Australia with branches covering individual states. However, they conduct most of the lotteries under their main license from the Victorian Government.

Victoria falls under the Tatts Lotteries, along with Tasmania and Northern Territory, while QLD falls exclusively under the Golden Casket, NSW falls exclusively under the NSW Lotteries, and SA falls exclusively under SA Lotteries. There are nationwide lotteries too, however, which all states and territories can take part in.


While NSW, QLD, and SA have their own exclusive lotteries, the Saturday draw is syndicated all throughout Australia, but it is known as Tattslotto in VIC, NT and Tasmania.

Players pick from 45 numbers and can opt to play the minimum of four games right up to 50 games. Players can pick the numbers themselves, or they can opt for QuickPick, which randomly fills out the numbers for you (this option is available online and in store). Then every Saturday night six numbers are drawn and the winners are paid accordingly.

Since it is a nationwide lottery, the minimum Division 1 prize is set at a high $4 million. During the Christmas and New Years period special draws are held with a massive $30 million and more on offer.

The cost of 12 games, known as the ‘Regular’ for Tattslotto is $8.55, while the minimum cost (four games) is $2.85.

How to win

There are six prize divisions, and players need six winning numbers to win the Division 1 prize, or at least one to two winning numbers along with two supplementary numbers to win the Division 6 prize (smallest prize).

Mon & Wed Lotto

There is also a Monday and Wednesday draw that is very similar to Tattslotto, but it is exclusive to VIC, NT and TAS players.

Players pick from 45 numbers and can pick from four games right up to 50 games. It is a bit cheaper than the Tatslotto draw with 12 games (the ‘Regular’) costing $7.20, with QuickPick and System Entries available. The minimum cost is $2.40 for four games.

How to win

As with Tattslotto, there are six prize divisions, with Division 1 amounting to a minimum of $1 million. Players need six winning numbers to win the main prize, or one to two winning numbers with two supplementary numbers to win the Division 6 prize.

Oz Lotto

Oz Lotto is a nationwide lottery, meaning a bigger prize pool, and runs every Tuesday night. It was originally the same amount of numbers drawn as the Tattslotto, but they added an extra number to increase it to a seven number draw.

Players are required to pick seven numbers out of 45, and while this is more than Tattslotto there are seven prize divisions. The minimum Division 1 prize is $2 million, and this can get up to $50 million and over.

Players can opt to play just a single game for $1.20, a mini game which is nine games for $10.80, 12 games (the ‘Regular’) for $14.45, and more with the maximum being 50 games for $60.10. QuickPick is also available as well as System Entries.

How to win: To win the main prize you need seven matching numbers, and to win the minimum prize you need three winning numbers with one or two supplementary numbers.


Powerball is another nationwide lottery that runs every Thursday night. There are two barrels involved in Powerball, and players are required to pick six numbers out of 40 from the first barrel and then one number out of 20 for the second barrel (known as the Powerball).

The minimum games players can opt for is four, costing $3.70, while the ‘Regular’ costs $11.15. There is also the option to opt for the PowerHit where it QuickPicks every number out of the 20 available numbers so you are guaranteed to win the Powerball. This costs, in conjunction with the minimum four games, $74.10, though you can opt to just have it on a single game for $14.90 on top of the cost of your games.

How to win: There are eight division prizes with the Division 1 amounting to a minimum of $3 million. To win this you need six matching numbers and a matching Powerball. Division 8 requires two matching numbers and the Powerball.

Lucky Lotteries

Another nationwide lottery, Lucky Lotteries is made for those who want the main division prize for themselves.

There is the Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot, which is known as the $2 lottery, and the Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot, which is known as the $5 lottery.

Each lottery have a limited amount of games and once they are all sold then the winner is drawn, with the jackpot getting up to $16 million and over.

Players can opt for tickets that aren’t in any order or they can buy sequential tickets. One ticket for the Super Jackpot costs $2.20, while one ticket for Mega Jackpot costs $5.50.

How to win: Once the lottery tickets have all been purchased, a draw takes place and the winning ticket is drawn. Whoever has that ticket is the winner.

The Pools

The Pools is also nationwide and sees players picking numbers based on soccer matches that are being played around the world and in Australia.

Players are required to pick six numbers out of 38 with the minimum four games costing $2.20, while a ‘Regular’ costs $6.55. If you aren’t really a soccer fan QuickPick is also available.

How to Win: Each match has a ‘Match List’ number and the results are determined by how the matches rank. Draws are the highest, while a home team win is the lowest. The six highest winning matches are the winning numbers (in association to their number on the ‘Match List’.) The supplementary number is picked by the seventh highest winning match and the associated number on the list.

Super 66

Super 66 is played everywhere in Australia except NSW (they play Lotto Strike) and it is basically an add on game available for the Tattslotto, Monday and Wednesday Lotto, Oz Lotto, Powerball, and The Pools.

It involves six numbers randomly generated to increase your chances of winning. Players simply mark the ‘Super 66’ box on their form or ask for it to be added for just $1.10 per game.

How to win: To win the Division 1 prize you need to match your six digit number to the exact numbers in the exact sequence that they were drawn. You can also win if you match the last two, three, four, and five numbers too, with five prize divisions available.

Set for Life

Set for Life is a brand new lottery for Australians, including VIC players, that sees players picking eight numbers out of 37 to win $20,000 a month for 20 years.

The minimum amount of games players can opt for is two which costs $8.40, with QuickPick available and you can opt to play for one week (seven draws) right up to 10 weeks (70 draws).

How to win: To win first prize ($20,000 a month for 20 years), players need to match all eight numbers. There are eight prizes on offer with the minimum prize requiring four winning numbers and one or two bonus numbers.


The Tatts Group previously owned the license to run Keno for Victorians, however they lost their license to the Victorian Government and it is now run by Intralot.

Where to buy lottery tickets in Victoria

Players can find a local outlet by clicking here and entering their postcode, or they can purchase their tickets online at Another popular Internet alternative is – you can find official reviews of both on our site.

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