Queensland lotto

Want to know which lotteries are available to residents of Queensland? This page provides an overview of all current QLD lotteries and acts as a regularly updated guide for local lotto players. Keep us bookmarked for the latest developments in your state’s lotteries.

About QLD lotteries

All lotto services in Queensland are entirely run by the Golden Casket, the exclusive lotteries licensee in the state. They have been a subsidiary of Tatts Group’s ‘The Lott’ since 2007, the latter of which has a monopoly on most state lottery services around Australia. This means most Queensland lotteries are shared between residents of both QLD and other states like New South Wales and Victoria.

Currently, QLD lotto players can buy tickets to Oz Lotto, Powerball, Set for Life, Lucky Lotteries, Super 66 and The Pools. Golden Casket does host one exclusive lottery, the Gold Lotto, which is only available to QLD residents.

If you wish to buy a ticket to a lotto draw in Queensland, you can visit hundreds of lottery outlets around the state, which include convenience stores, newsagencies, and select petrol stations. A popular alternative is to buy your tickets online at OzLotteries or use the online lottery betting services of Lottoland or Planet Lottery.

Gold Lotto

The Gold Lotto holds the distinction of being the first lottery in Queensland. The first Golden Casket draw was held in 1917 as a charity fund to raise much-needed money for veteran survivors of World War I, and also helped build ‘Anzac Cottages’ for children and widows of deceased soldiers. The self-titled Golden Casket was a hand-cranked wooden barrel and inside contained wooden marbles numbered 1 to 100,000, handing out a casket of gold worth the equivalent of £5,000, as cash prizes were not permitted by law. By 1920, the Queensland government took over running the Golden Casket, and in present day the Gold Lotto has handed out millions in life-changing winnings to lucky ticket holders.

Monday and Wednesday Gold Lotto has six prize divisions and guarantees a $1 million Division 1 prize for up to four winners, and if more than four people win the total is divided equally among the winners. There are also regular special events held throughout the year that give players the chance to double their prize money.

Saturday Gold Lotto is Queensland’s most popular lottery and usually has $4 million in Division 1 prizes up for grabs, along with Superdraws ballooning to over $20 million throughout the calendar year. The Saturday Gold Lotto Megadraw is held every Christmas/New Years and also offers jackpots of over $30 million or more.

Gold Lotto currently runs every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. All games require players to pick six lucky numbers from 1 to 45, with Favourties, QuickPicks, and System entries options available. There are two supplementary numbers in every draw and if you match 1 or 2 winning numbers plus 2 supplementary numbers in one game, you can win Division 6. Tickets to the Monday and Wednesday Gold Lotto start as low as $2.85 (must play a minimum of 4 standard games) while Saturday Gold Lotto start from $8.55 for 12 games via QuickPick.

Lucky Lotteries

Lucky Lotteries is a jack-potting draw lottery game with a set number of tickets per draw. Essentially, instead of picking your lucky numbers like in every other lotto game, you win in Lucky Lotteries if the number on your purchased ticket is drawn like a raffle event. There are two types Lucky Lotteries games: The Super Jackpot ($100,000 first prize and jackpot of $500,000) and the Mega Jackpot ($200,000 first prize and jackpot of $1,000,000) and each draw guarantees more than 10,000 winners.

Tickets to the Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot cost $2.20 per number, and there is a limit of 270,000 tickets per draw. Tickets to the Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot cost $5.50 per number, and there is a limit of 200,000 tickets per draw.

Oz Lotto

Oz Lotto is a lottery syndicated across Australia and played on Tuesday nights. It’s one of the most popular lottos in the country thanks to its huge jackpots going anywhere from minimum $2 million to excess of $50 million or more.

All Oz Lotto games require players to pick seven lucky numbers from 1-45; there are also two supplementary numbers. Match at least three winning numbers and one supplementary number, and you are guaranteed a win. Match all seven and you win the Division 1 prize.

Tickets to Oz Lotto in Queensland cost $1.30 for minimum one standard game and $7.90 for a MINI QuickPick for equivalent of six standard games.


Powerball is arguably the most popular lottery in Australia and the United States – check out our more detailed Powerball guide here to find out ticket costs and how the game works.

Set for Life

Set for Life is the ultimate fantasy lottery draw available for Queenslanders, awarding lucky winners $20,000 every month for 20 years. Every Set for Life entry is played across seven days and seven draws, meaning you get multiple chances to win. Players must select eight lucky numbers from one to 37, and match them with the winning draw. Each Set for Life Draw has ten winning numbers drawn, eight standard and two being bonus numbers. To win a prize, you have to score enough winning numbers with bonus numbers: The ultimate Division 1 prize comes when you match all winning numbers, while Division 8 can be won by scoring four winning numbers plus one or both bonus numbers.

Tickets to Set for Life in Queensland cost $8.40 for two sets over seven days, which is equivalent to 14 sets.

The Pools

The Pools lottery draw was first introduced to Queensland in 1976 and is a favourite of soccer fans who love to try their luck on the lottery. All games require players to pick six lucky numbers from 1 to 38, and the winning numbers are based on the outcome of the co-currently played soccer matches held in Australia and throughout Europe, determined by the six highest scoring draws. The seventh highest drawing game is the supplementary number. Most players who play The Pools need some soccer knowledge to gain a better advantage. Players must select their numbers from the provided match list, based on the matches predicted to have the highest drawn scores at the end of the fixture.

The Pools has five prize divisions and to win Division 1, you need to match all six winning numbers in one game. Tickets to The Pools in Queensland cost $2.20 per number for minimum four standard games.

You can buy tickets to Queensland lotteries online on your computer or mobile at OzLotteries, or play the at the newest and most popular lottery betting site, and Lottoland for access to international lotteries like the US MegaMillions.

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