Lottoland versus the Tatts

The Tatts group is one of the biggest registered gambling giants in Australia and is responsible for the majority of lotteries Down Under. Despite the concept of Lottoland being quite different to Tatts Australian lotteries, the former is proving to be providing fierce competition. We take a look at how both services compare and which offers the best value to Aussies.

Lottoland and Tatts concept and payouts compared

When you purchase a ticket into an Australian lottery, such as Powerball or Oz Lotto, you are entering the real draw. If your numbers are drawn, you will win the division prize for the specified lottery. You can buy tickets online or go into your local Tatts outlet and purchase your ticket to be in the running to win.

When it comes to, you aren’t purchasing tickets into the draw. Instead, you are betting on your numbers to come up. If your numbers come up, you will receive the payout on the specified lottery, but it isn’t from the draw in question. Instead, it’s from Lottoland which has taken out insurance on your numbers. If the numbers win they are paid the insurance and can then pay you the same sum of the lottery win. You can almost consider it to be a side bet on lotteries, but you can only purchase tickets online at the Lottoland website. This is a crucial difference to understand before opting to play at Lottoland.

Both companies promise a payout, and since they are both government regulated – Tatts by the Victorian and the state governments of Tasmania and the Northern Territory, and Lottoland by the Northern Territory – if your winning numbers show up you will receive the money.

But how much you receive will be dependent on the type of lottery you bet on at Lottoland. If you stick to the Australian lotteries, you will receive the full winnings – but if you wager on a US lottery, as an example, you will lose 35% of the winnings to tax, as this is what happens in American lotteries.

But taking this tax into consideration, Tatt does not even offer the chance to bet on international lotteries, so there is a a whole new market which gives Lottoland the upper-hand in payouts.

Tatts and Lottoland lotteries

When it comes to the lotteries, it can be hard to tell which is a better option to go with since they both offer different services. The following lotteries are available to participate in via Tatts and wager on via Lottoland.

State wide

Tatts/Tabcorp offers lotteries in every state and territory around Australia, except for WA, where you can find Monday and Wednesday lotteries (named differently in different states, including X Lotto in SA), Oz Lotto, Powerball, Lotto, Lucky Lotteries, and other smaller lotteries such as The Pools.

Lottoland no longer offers players the chance to bet on Australian lotteries. It does offer the chance to bet on international draws, which have bigger division one prizes.


One service which LottoLand offers, and Tatts does not, is the chance for Australians to participate in international lotteries. There are over 20 lotteries from around the world we can wager on including the huge jackpots the US Powerball offers and the MegaMillions lottery America offers.

But the cost of entering is higher than wagering on the state lotteries. For example, one single game in the US Powerball costs $5. But the jackpot is usually larger than what the Australian lotteries get to – US Powerball has been in the billion-dollar range before.

Tatts vs LottoLand special features

There are a number of features which both lottery companies offer, which may determine where to buy your tickets.

Random number generator picks

One of the features both Tatts and LottoLand offers is the ability to quickly select all your numbers at random. Tatts calls them QuickPicks, and so did LottoLand until they were legally required to change it as it was breaching Tatts trademark laws. LottoLand now calls it ‘Quickys’ and both options speeds up picking your numbers if you don’t want to manually put in your preferred options.

System entry

Both Tatts and LottoLand offer system entries which both follow the same premise – paying extra to play more numbers for a better chance at a win. Tatts allows for up to 20 numbers to be played while LottoLand only allows for a maximum of 18 numbers to be played. But when comparing the price of a system entry of 18 numbers between the two, Lottoland wins at $22,276.80, while Tatts is priced at $41,740.35.


Tatts doesn’t offer any promotions when purchasing lottery tickets, but LottoLand offers an array of bonuses you can claim when wagering on the lotteries. Simply head to the promotions page to view what is on offer. Be sure to read the terms and conditions as WA, NSW, and VIC residents have to make a deposit for a lottery ticket before they are eligible. The rest of the states, except for SA, don’t have to in order to claim the bonus.

Payment methods

Tatts accepts Visa, MasterCard, BPAY, bank transfers, and cheque deposit, while LottoLand accepts Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, POLi, paysafecard and BPAY.

Tatts vs LottoLand: Who wins?

The result is quite subjective and depends what you want to get out of your lottery experience. If you are a South Australian resident, you can’t participate in LottoLand lotteries so Tatts will win for you.

For the other states and territories, if you prefer a physical voucher, then opt for the Tatts lotteries by going into your local retail outlet to purchase. If this isn’t a problem then you need to determine what features, including payment methods, are better suited to your needs and which is cheaper – if you’re looking to save money.

LottoLand is an extremely interesting concept, and the fact Aussies can now bet on international lotteries does make it a frontrunner for us. But you can still opt for the traditional lotteries in Australia and participate in them by going with Tatts.

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