Why Lottoland is not a fake lottery service

Lottoland was branded a fake lottery service the moment it launched and it has continued to fight back against the misinformed reputation. Incredulously, the origin that it is a fake lottery service comes from the fact that the event you are betting on is a lottery draw. We take a look at facts to explain why Lottoland is not a fake lotto site and is instead an online lottery betting site.

Available to residents of United States

Lottoland accepts bets on lottery outcomes

Bookmakers offer betting markets on selected outcomes on a sporting match, a racing event, and even a political race. Although the process of betting on lottery draws at Lottoland mirrors the process of buying a ticket into a traditional draw, the site explains that you are betting on the outcome of the results.

Lottoland simply takes an event, which is a lottery draw, and gives players the chance to bet on the outcome with the same prize draw on offer. It follows the same basic concept as an online betting site and uses lottery draws as the event.

There are betting features to boost your Lottoland bet

Punters can boost their bet slip at online betting sites with special features, and Lottoland offers the same option too. Players can improve their odds of winning their bet and claiming the equivalent of the draw’s division one prize by paying for additional options. “DoubleJackpot”, where you can double your jackpot winnings, and “Numbershield”, where you can pay more to avoid sharing your jackpot prize, are both available. Lottoland can also offer bigger jackpots than the official draws due to its insurance coverage.

Official lotteries do not offer these features and promotions cannot be claimed when purchasing tickets into the draws.

Lottoland is licensed by the Northern Territory

To operate in Australia as a corporate bookmaker, you need to meet the licensing requirements set out by the Northern Territory. Lottoland has met these standards and is licensed as an online betting site, similarly to Sportsbet or Neds. It has even promptly stopped taking bets on Australian lotteries at the request of the NT regulator, and now only offers wagers on online lotteries based and operated overseas.

The official lottery operator in most of Australia, Tatts, has a lottery license in nearly every state and territory. It operates under separate rules, making it a completely different service than Lottoland.

Lottoland takes out insurance to cover payouts

Lottoland only makes one percent of Tatts overall revenue, which can be proven by the official lottery jackpots on offer and the payout structure. The official lottery operator pays its winnings from the total sale of tickets from the public – given the multi-million-dollar jackpots, it shows just how big the Tatts customer base is.

Lottoland, on the other hands, takes out insurance on all the lottery draws on offer to pay players. The insurance model also allows Lottoland to increase the jackpot prices on several lotteries around the world.

Lottoland offers a different service, not a fake product

When you buy counterfeit brand products, like sunglasses, you are getting a similar low-quality product.

Lottoland offers a premier and unique service, which is different to buying tickets into Tatts or LotteryWest official lottery draws. When you become a member at Lottoland, you can bet on the outcome of international lotteries and have the chance to win the jackpot equivalent (or higher). You can not buy tickets into international lottery draws via Australian official lottery operators, however.

What’s more, you aren’t entering the draws and getting paid less, nor are you buying tickets into the official lottery draw and reducing your chances of winning. If you were, then Lottoland would be a fake lotto service. It isn’t a synthetic lotto service like many in the media call it, either.

Lottoland gives its players the chance to bet on the outcome of live lottery draws all around the world, similarly to how Neds offers punters the chance to bet on a live football match.

Interestingly, you don’t hear anyone calling Lottoland a fake betting service, despite following the same concept of a bookmaker while offering larger payouts. Although we believe Lottoland’s reputation has been designed to suit Tatts’ agenda, you can make your own mind up by checking out our Lottoland review or heading to the online lottery betting site to check it our for yourself.

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