10 things lotto winners would never tell you

Lotto is one of the most popular forms of gambling around the globe, with millions of people buying tickets each and every year with the dreams of becoming a multi-millionaire. For most of us, these dreams will stay precisely that, but for a lucky few winning the lotto is a life-changing experience. However, there are consequences of winning the lottery which aren’t promoted or widely known which can make you realise the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

Below, we have highlighted the top 10 things winners of the lottery won’t tell you.

You will be famous – like it or not

Reckon you can win the lotto and stay anonymous? Think again! No matter how much you try to retain your privacy, news of your big win is sure to become public knowledge sooner or later, meaning a lot of people are going to know about the sudden rise in your bank balance.

Authentic ‘rich’ people will still look down on you

Many winners will find that those who have earned their fortune or have inherited it through their families will look down on people who win their money via the lottery. Additionally, even though you now have a healthy bank balance, you will still feel poor sitting in a room full of people who have estates valued at $100,000,000 – there are always going to people richer than you.

People will exploit you

Even if you think you can trust those around you, at one stage or another you are bound to be exploited by someone who cares more about what’s in your wallet than you personally. You will be harassed by every man, woman and child wanting a handout which can result in making it hard to trust people and their intentions.

It’s not just acquaintances and people you will meet in the future, with many winners finding even their close friends and family suddenly become a lot more interested in their lives and even sniff around for a donation.

Your win is all people will want to discuss

Forget about making small talk about the weather or politics, all people will want to talk about is your experience of winning the lotto. So brace yourself for an infinite amount of questions – where did you buy your ticket? What was your reaction when you found out you won? How did you get your money? What have you bought? Did you quit your job? What were your numbers?

It’s hard to manage your winnings

While most people would love the idea of being able to dip into an account filled with millions every time they go shopping, it can actually be an account keeping nightmare. As a result, many lotto winners hire financial consultants to manage their funds and give advice on how to spend, invest and donate.

You will develop expensive tastes

Gone are the days when a Big Mac was the meal of choice for a night out – when you are rich you will suddenly realise there are a variety of other options open to you. Hello caviar.

Money doesn’t always buy happiness

Sounds cliché but it’s true. When you win your fortune you will be able to splurge and buy all the fast cars, luxury houses and latest fads, however you will quickly realise material products don’t always result in a happier life. This isn’t a bad thing as it enables you to get gratification out of achievements which don’t revolve around money – volunteering and giving back to the community or even learning a new personal skill.

Being rich can be boring

While most of us would love to throw away our jobs and live a life of luxury, the truth is it can get boring after a while. As humans, we need stimulation and challenges in our day to day lives to avoid going insane, which is why you won’t find lottery winners spending every waking hour relaxing around the pool.

You will get joy out of giving to others

While it can be annoying when every person in your life suddenly wants some cash, it is also very rewarding to give to those you love and consequently change someone’s life. It is equally rewarding to be able to donate to the less fortunate and know that your money is making an improvement on how people live.

Who are we kidding? Life is great

While there are definitely some drawbacks to expect when you win a life-changing amount of cash, winning big obviously has the ability to make life a hell of a lot easier and more comfortable. All we’re saying is if we had the choice between tinned spaghetti or lobster every night for dinner, we think we’d put up mum wanting me to buy her a new Ferrari.

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