How to get your entry into this Saturday’s $20 million Superdraw

Lottoland SuperdrawYou can win more than $20 million in this week’s Superdraw by buying a ticket or betting on the outcome.

The Superdraw will take place on Saturday, September 2 at 8:30pm AEST and you can purchase your tickets to be in the draw at Oz Lotteries, or bet on the draw at Lottoland, Planet Lottery or CrownLotto.

To purchase tickets for the draw, head to OzLotteries and create an account. Then go to the homepage and click on the banner advertising the $20 million Superdraw.

You can then choose how many tickets you want to purchase, with a minimum of four games available for $3.60 and a maximum of 100 games for $90. You can opt for QuickPick which chooses your numbers for you or you can select your numbers manually. Add your tickets to your cart and you can complete the transaction by using your preferred payment method out of credit and debit cards, web wallets and more.

Unfortunately, Queensland residents can only purchase charity raffle tickets atOzLotteries, so you may want to opt for Lottoland.

This isn’t a bad thing as Lottoland adds $1 million to all Australian lotteries, meaning the Superdraw jackpot climbs to $21 million.

Lottoland allows you to bet on the draw and pays out the equivalent of the main jackpot and the smaller division prizes. Head to Lottoland to create an account to get started. Once you have signed up, locate the Superdraw under the Australian lotteries tab. Select your numbers or use the Quicky feature to pick them at random. Then add to cart and complete the transaction.

At Lottoland you can also join a Lotto Betting Syndicate. The following syndicates are available:

  • SAT Lotto Syndicate S: 112 Chances to Win, $15 per Share
  • SAT Lotto Syndicate M: 840 Chances to Win, $60 per Share
  • SAT Lotto Syndicate L: 1,680 Chances to Win, $100 per Share

Lottoland players have had success with syndicates before, with one player recently pocketing $67,620.81 thanks to a SAT Lotto Syndicate Share in the July 29 Superdraw.

The 25-year-old Queenslander had only used the syndicate system twice, while also betting on a range of Australian and International lotteries.

His third syndicate bet paid off, betting $100 per share out of a possible 16 in the SAT Lotto L Syndicate which included eight System 10 games. The Syndicate gave him 210 possible combinations per game and a total of 1680 chances at winning a share of the $21 million Superdraw.

If you want to bet on entertainment and other events, you can opt for an account with William Hill to bet on the Superdraw via Planet Lottery. Planet Lottery is powered by Lottoland so you are betting on the same product – but if you want to bet on the Bachelor results or a sporting match, you can keep all your bets under the one account.

CrownLotto is also available as an alternative to Lottoland and Planet Lottery. CrownLotto only launched this week and follows a similar format to Lottoland. Create an account with CrownBet and head to the Lotto section. You can bet on the Superdraw known as “Saturday Lottery” with games 20 cents cheaper than Lottoland and Planet Lottery games. However, the main division prize is the standard $20 million.

South Australians are prohibited from betting on lotteries, but you can buy tickets into the draw at Oz Lotteries.

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